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YellowFiber SD-WAN Voice Quality Monitoring

SD-WAN offers some pretty groundbreaking advantages. Probably the most exciting is the ability to use highly affordable broadband connections to provide bandwidth to branch offices securely — saving your IT budget tremendously over DIA or other previous options.
So what about running voice and video traffic over your WAN? Say you’re leveraging SD-WAN to bring a branch office online that relies on high quality for calls and videoconferencing. How can you be sure that your SD-WAN solution properly handles and addresses your priorities? If there is a quality hiccup — how will you be able to troubleshoot and fix it?
Those of us who have been doing this for a while typically have some unpleasant memories trying to diagnose and repair poor voice quality on IP networks. You have to look at WiFi, compression, LANs and WANs, packet loss, codecs. What you really want to zero in on is the voice quality on the network — and if it’s garbage, how to fix it. 
Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) is one of the many flexible services you can put to work on a YellowFiber SD-WAN edge device. Service insertion and virtualization to the rescue—VQM is not another piece of hardware, and you can install it from your HQ without having to physically travel all over creation to configure anything at your branch offices. It’s actually just a series of clicks in your orchestrator interface. You click which sites you want to enable it for, or just grab all of them, and the analytics pop right into your dashboard. Start at a comprehensive network-wide view and drill down to the details of a single specific call. The CEO complains about his personal extension and it’s suddenly your immediate problem — no worries. You can check that immediately. 
For more information on how SD-WAN can actually improve VoIP call quality by way of the way it encrypts things, check our our article here.
Of course, probably the easiest way to get your head around how this can specifically help your team is to get a quick demo from one of our engineers. We love talking about this stuff. Was can take you through the architecture and service specifics of VQM in a YellowFiber Cloud-Delivered network. 
The VQM agent, once enabled, does session detection, packet capture and qualitative analysis The interface shows visual, real-time charts and graphs of voice quality behavior in your network. 
If anything smells rotten, you can just drill right down to the specific connections or sites to troubleshoot the problem. This will save you so much time, you’ll probably want to send us flowers. We especially like doughnuts. (And of course, our network engineering wizards will be a quick call away to help you out).
Keeping up a high MOS score can really be that easy. That’s why YellowFiber offers the best SD-WAN solutions in Washington, DC. (We’re modest too, most of the time).

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