The Advantages of Going Hosted Voice

VoIP — Voice over Internet Protocol — is a technology that has really come into its own, and has changed the way that SMEs approach telephone calls as a core component of business communications. New cloud integrations and price drops have made it even more attractive to businesses with geographically diverse team

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Basically, VoIP boils down to transmitting voice data over the internet, with the added benefit of using cloud servers to capture and store call records, recorded conversations, and other data. Physically, you can interface your hosted voice solution from desktop handsets, software applications on company notebooks, mobile handsets or even your employees personal devices.

Here are a few of the advantages you can realize by moving off premises and choosing a provider to host your voice solution:


Save money

Choosing between going with a hosted voice solution and a PBX/SIP solution has a lot to do with the number of users (or “seats”) you anticipate using, and how spread out they are going to be across other offices and/or working remotely. If your users are not sitting together in a large HQ, hosted voice is likely to give much better bang for your buck.

Other factors that influence price are the providers (quality and reliability can cost a bit more), the features you choose, whether there is a broker or reseller involved and adding their profits to the price, and the number of users. Additionally, internet providers (like YellowFiber) are often willing to discount voice service if you already have an internet circuit with them.

*Incidentally, getting your hosted voice “on net” with your ISP offers profound advantages for quality of service.

VoIP solutions also offer a price break in that they require much less outlay for hardware. All in all, it can definitely be an affordable way to go.


Capture data that matters

When your voice solution is hosted on a provider’s cloud, you get easy access to collecting call records and data that helps you monitor and evaluate productivity. It’s easy to see how your team is using their phones, record calls and replay them later (subject to local laws), and access voicemail conveniently from anywhere.


Easy call routing

Routing calls can be a pain in the ass when you have a PBX on site. If your business needs or unforeseen circumstances in one or more offices require a quick update, a hosted voice solution is going to make it much less of a headache. Additionally, your provider will be able to back you up in these dire situations.


Your customers will be happier

When people call your business, they’re in a hurry to get answers and find assistance. A great VoIP solution allows quick access to data and customer records, so you can immediately access the details you need to start addressing your customer’s issues.

Additionally, call center solutions, cloud integration and unified communications solutions can all be leveraged together to streamline your workflow when addressing incoming inquiries and sales operations. Find a provider who is willing to work with you to figure out the best and most efficient approach for your needs.


Save time and focus on more important things

The easier you make your communication solutions, the more time you have to focus on your business. With cloud-based voice integrated with Unified Communications, you can handle many of your businesses needs at once. You can also easily connect your business to the resources it needs even if those resources are on the other side of the world. VoIP can free up telecommuting options for your business, which means you can find and hire the best employees without having to worry about geographical limitations.


Ease and flexibility of use

Hosted voice is easier and more flexible for your users — and customization options and regular software updates keep it easy. You can set up business phone connections/software on mobile phones. Your team can stay connected, and enjoy flexible ways to stay accessible on the go, at home, at the client site or while in transit.


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